#Together We Can Change The World


#Candlelight Vigil South Korea 2016.

한국 촛불집회

Alexfilm Lifeart Project,  Just Scene#vol.2 – WHERE alexXpho

Korean Citizen

Director Photography Edit Alex Sunju Park
Producer Pho Jeongeun Park
music by Kyoim Jeong ‘Fingerpoint’
music “On The Meteor Shower Night”


Copyright(c)2016 Alexfilm All rights reserved.

The Portrait of Ego 2014#Alexfilm presents #shortfilm

‘Draw a portrait of ego through a film’

I was making portrait of ego with movie.
After that I took a trip with my movies.
It was an amazing experience for me and I got a new inspiration.
Now I’m working on a new project.
Travel of life will go on…! (this is the first online release)

One day ‘The Gaze’ appeared on a Woman who lives in the city.
It was accompanied with a woman for a while.

#The Portrait of Ego (2014) 19:45 HD 16:9
-Alexfilm presents #shortfilm

Written & Directed by Alex sunju Park
Director of Cinematography Rodrigo Sehui Park
Music Director Kyoim Jung
Assi Director& Sound Mixer Seungbum Yoo