The Portrait of Ego 2014#Alexfilm presents #shortfilm

‘Draw a portrait of ego through a film’

I was making portrait of ego with movie.
After that I took a trip with my movies.
It was an amazing experience for me and I got a new inspiration.
Now I’m working on a new project.
Travel of life will go on…! (this is the first online release)

One day ‘The Gaze’ appeared on a Woman who lives in the city.
It was accompanied with a woman for a while.

#The Portrait of Ego (2014) 19:45 HD 16:9
-Alexfilm presents #shortfilm

Written & Directed by Alex sunju Park
Director of Cinematography Rodrigo Sehui Park
Music Director Kyoim Jung
Assi Director& Sound Mixer Seungbum Yoo